Thursday, August 09, 2012

Super Mario saves the day!

My boys with his favorites - Angry Birds, Mario & Luigi
Raining time again in our side of the planet.  It's been more than 10 days with non-stop raining, heaviest of which in the last 3 days.  It's no wonder that it's flooded all over the metro.  So it's quite difficult to go in to work, and harded to get out of work if you're already in.  A lot of people are homeless and hungry.  Relief efforts are in full swing, any help is welcome.

We've been praying for the safety of our kababayans for the past 4 days.  Classes have been suspended for 2 days already, same as last week's.  I appreciate that our governor has been top of the announcements, announcing them early, unlike other government officials.

Thankfully, our family is spared from the flooding.  But not from the rains.  I made sure that we have enough food supply for more than a week, drinking water as well.  All our emergency lights and phones are charged.  We have enough candles and matches too.  We don't have transistor radio though.  But at least we'll have twitter and facebook from our phones.  I'm truly touched too with family and friends who kept in touch and checked in on us.

Yesterday, we were all tuned in to the news and we're all vigilant, but not scared.  My little boy, provided us with a little comic relief.  During dinner, and after a lengthy discussion on why he should eat vegetables, he suddenly blurted out:

Little boy: "Mom, why don't have a nickname?" (technically he doesn't, we call him using his first name)

Me: "Why you want a nickname?"

Little boy: "Yes!" 

Me: "Ok, you choose your own nickname."

Little boy: (ponders for a few minutes) "Call me Mario!"  (he's a fan of Super Mario) 

Little boy: (after a few minutes) "No, call me Ogie!"  (of Ogie and the Cockroaches)

So yes, my son will now answer to the name of Ogie.  :D

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