Thursday, August 16, 2012

Trashy people

Last night, I went to the ATM.  As I got down the car,  this group of loud young men, probably, in their late teens/early tweenties arrived.  So they were in line first.  There were two machines and two lines, the first in the two machines were part of the group of young men.  Suddenly, when the other man moved to our line and stood in front of me.  I usually talk to those who go ahead of me who are not in line, but that night, I just let it go.

So he went ahead of me.  His friend before him left the receipt on the machine, this guy called his friend and just threw the paper on the floor.  I was a bit irritated already.  The trash bin was just right beside him.  But I just kept my mouth shut.  Then he proceeded to use the machine, got another receipt, crumpled it and threw on the floor again.  Now, I couldn't take it anymore.  I had to tell him, "Kuya, nasa tabi nyo lang ho yung basurahan" (Bro, the trash bin is just right beside you.).  He did say "Ay sorry po" (Oh, sorry).  But still didn't pick up the receipts.  When he was done at the machine, he left another receipt.  I simply put it in the trash bin.

Seriously, these people need to know to put their trash in the bins.  We have to be more responsible with our actions.  The world isn't going to clean itself up.  We humans throw trash like someone else is going to do it.  Honestly, it doesn't take much to pick up your trash and put it in the bin.  Let's just do it.

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