Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Public announcements

Laguna Governor's FB account

I remember when I was younger, we only had the AM radio to announce class suspensions.  Then in college, there's the TV and radio.  Now that I'm a Mom, aside from AM radio, TV announcements, we now have Twitter and Facebook.  The past two weeks, upon waking up, I check the two too.

PAGASA's Twitter account

And then I also check the Weather Channel for weather forecasts.  So I'll know what outfit to wear if I'm going out or going to the office.  Or whether I should go to the office at all.

The Weather Channel's awesome & accurate Ipad app

I used to say to my Mama, to listen to the radio to check if there are classes.

Now, my son tells me to check Twitter and FB to check if they have classes.

How the public announcements have changed.

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