Sunday, October 18, 2009

Nothing lasts

It started with our Microwave not heating up about a few months ago. Then our newly bought electric fan for the computer fell to the floor and had a crack on its propeller (is that right?) hehe A few weeks later, our electric fan for the living area won't start. Suddenly our speakers for our DVD player won't turn on. And just last week our less than 2 years old rice cooker refused to cook!

Our appliances are going kaput every second. I hope nothing else will follow, our budget can't accommodate new appliance purchase. What is wrong with appliances these days? They're like disposable items, more like toys rather than appliances. Growing up, we only had one ref which grew up with me until I was in college. Mama just got tired of it, so we had to replace it. Even then Mama was still able to sell it. Same with electric fans, we had electric fans lasting decades. But our electric fan only lasted about 2 years. So weird.

So now in our second floor, we have junk composed of dead appliances - electric fans, speakers, rice cookers, microwave. What do I do with these? They're just gathering dust and space. In our old neighborhood, we had suki manong mambobote who buy our junk. But not here. Where do I find a junk shop to sell these items? I wish there is a listing of junk shops in Sta Rosa, Laguna! haha

Happy weekend all!

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