Friday, October 23, 2009

Everyday is picture day!

I've always loved taking pictures.  While before, I only take pictures on special occasions, now I believe that everyday can be a special occasion.  So I carry with me, at all times, if that's possible, my handy camera.  Just sharing a few everyday is a special day pictures :) 

Sitting in Starbucks with the hubs.  He's enjoying a cup of Cappucino, and I got a Chai Non-fat Latte.  Just being together after a hard day's work

Marveling at the first sign of fruit from our very own backyard.  A Kalamansi fruit at that :)

Lazy sunday afternoon merienda with my little man


Mai.Mai said...

Chai latte is my favorite.. yummmm.... I understand the need to bring a camera.. =) it's addicting.

Girlash said...

Chai latte is the best! :) Oh but my pictures are not as pretty or nice as yours. Amatuer pa kaayo ko ba hehe Basin diay maka-DSLR ko...we'll see :D