Monday, October 05, 2009

Wonderful Sunday

After 3 weeks of endless rain, Mr. Sun finally came out blaring hot yesterday, Sunday. A very welcome and needed respite from the typhoon weather. At least that's how our Sunday was here in Sta Rosa, Laguna. Not so in other provinces in North Luzon. I was just reading the news when I woke up (not in the actual newspaper, who does that now a days?) on my blackberry that a few lost their lives with Typhoon Pepeng. Let's continue praying for better days, we've had enough Super Typhoons, TBH.

We went to hear mass on our usual time, which is at 10am. The past weeks, we've been hearing mass at 5pm coz mornings usually rained. I loved being back on the normal groove. The little one specially loved buying his puto and eating it too :P Then lunch at home. I was trying to get my little sis to buy us lunch. She didn't have school for a whole week, so she had extra allowance :D But she wouldn't budge. Cheapskate. Haha

Bonding time after lunch. Playing with the little one, he asked to watch Ice Age 3 on DVD, I believe for the 20th time that weekend alone. Then we all took a nap. And went online. At one time, I think we had 3 computers online in our house all at the same time. Addicts. LOL

We had to meet our architect (yes, we're constructing our house!) at around 3. After which we trooped to Nuvali to feed the fish. We all enjoyed doing it, specially the little one. The kois were surely hungry. Too bad though coz I forgot to bring my camera, so I don't have pictures except from the Hub's phone. I'll remember to bring a camera next time we do that.
To me and the Hubs, the best way to end a day is to get a massage. When I tried to schedule one at our suking Spa, they were fully booked. Then at around 6, they called to say they had a cancellation so they could accommodate us for the last call. Amazing, huh?
Great, great Sunday indeed! I wished I could just pause life and reply that Sunday all over again, and over again... but work beckons and we have to face reality. My only consolation is that I'm able to work from home and bring a little piece of that Sunday with me to last me the long work week.

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