Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy at 52

It's my Mom's birthday yesterday and she came over since Friday to spend her birthday with us, mostly specially her only apo. When she's here visiting, it's always a frenzy of activity. Eating out is a favorite past time. Going shopping, seeing places. She believes that life should be lived fully, so while you can still go out, go out. When you're old and sickly, you'd rather stay in bed. This is her with my little boy.

Happy birthday Ma! Thanks for the generosity of your heart. As always, I wish you good health and lots of love.

Today, I got up at 2am to bring my youngest sister to the airport.  Her flight's at 4:30am.  I'm already home but drank coffee and Lipovitan Ira so my body's wide awake but I'm exhausted.  I'm willin myself to get sleepy so I can rest a bit before we do errands today.  I plan to register to vote.  I was registered in Salay, Misamis Oriental before but since I live here in Laguna, I should register here.

I promise to write a post about our experience at Taal Vista hotel's buffet breakfast.  But this is a happy post, so I'll do that in a few days.

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Mai.Mai said...

happy birthday to your mom...