Friday, October 23, 2009

The wallet that was...

I blogged a few weeks ago about having shopping cards.  I've had the Rustan's Frequent Shopper's Card since 2002.  When my Mom was here a couple of weekends ago, we went shopping at Rustan's and that's when I found out that they are launching a new shopper's card.  That meant I had to use my points as the points were expiring soon.  And I had 600 points, equivalent to PhP600!  Cool huh? :)  Ealier, I eyed this green wallet, but didn't want to spend on anything and since I had the points, I got the wonderful wallet.  My sister was green with envy LOL  It's much more fun to get a nice thing when you don't really pay for it, right?

Viola! The wallet that points earned :)

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