Thursday, October 29, 2009

Little joys

I love working from home.  Coz I get to spend more hours on the bed, not necessarily sleeping...but working or facebooking/blogging/blog hopping :) haha  It's 7:45 and on a normal go-to-the-office day, I would've been in front of my PC already, drinking tea and starting with emails or doing data runs.  Now, I'm trying to work, now logging in to the office server and watching the little boy sleep.  It's absolutely wonderful.  I wish I could sleep longer, but when I'm up, I can't go back to sleep anymore.

Later today, the little man and I are going to the office for the company's annual Trick or Treat.  Sugar pumped kids on a work day?  Must bring the yaya. haha  Then tomorrow, Trick or Treat at the hub's office.  Saturday will be Trick or Treat in our village.  Yay!

I got the little two costumes for this year's Halloween.  For his school and our office's Trick or Treat, it's the 17th Century Soldier costume.

And then the Halloween theme at the hub's office is Superheroes so we got the little boy another costume for tomorrow.

He clearly likes the Superman custome better... he refused to take it off after trying it out! haha

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