Saturday, October 17, 2009

Of Etiquette and Consideration for others

I was at the hospital yesterday morning for a quick check-up with my derma. The waiting area was full, a few were even standing along the corridor. There was a space but a Mom had her child lie down so they were occupying 2 seats. A few older people checked the seat but the Mom didn't even bother offering the seat, didn't even budge. I found that very in considerate. I have a child too and we also go to crowded places. When we find others looking for seats, I make my child sit on my lap or his Dad's so the others can have a place. Sadly and apparently, not all mothers think the same. What are teaching our children then? That it's ok to let others suffer as long as we are comfortable? Children copy what they see their parents do. As parents, we should be responsible enough to teach the right manners and etiquette. The kids learn these first from the home, and not anywhere else.

I always pass by South Luzon Expressway. Because of the construction of the extension of the Skyway, traffic has been horrible the past few months. Yesterday, driving home from work, hubs and I took the Skyway and when we were near the ramp going back to South Luzon Expressway, a few cars and buses, would to squeeze in front of us. All the other cars would fall in line and for their turn, except for a few cars who feel they are above everyone else. I hate it that they refuse to follow the rules. I don't understand they feel more privileged than others when we were all on the same page, heading home to our families from a hard day's work at the office. If we could just all follow the rules and be considerate of others, traffic accidents can be avoided. Travelling home would be less stressful.

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