Sunday, October 25, 2009

The horror that was Taal Vista

On my last recent birthday, hubs and I went on a breakfast date at Taal Vista's Cafe on the Ridge. It was a week day so it wasn't crowded, in fact, we were the first customers there. Food was more than abundant and the corned beef was to die for! I love corned beef so that was a real treat for me :) We had a wonderful experience then but the service was a bit off. I brushed it off and though it was too early in the day to demand great service. Overall then, it was a pleasant experience.

So when my Mom announced that she's spending her birthday with us which was the following month, I arranged for breakfast buffet at Taal Vista after the Sunday mass. My sister booked for 6 persons at 9am. My mom's birthday came and we all prepared for a feast at Cafe on the Ridge. We got there a bit late, about 10 minutes past 9am.

Anyway, when we got there, it took them another 15 minutes to seat us. There was no ma├«tre or even a welcome hostess. So we were able to sit down at 9:30. And they didn't tell us that the buffet was only up to 10am. They could have advised us that they were closing in 30 minutes.  They could have given us an option to proceed with our reservation or go somewhere else. 

Our table was not set when we sat down, I thought that was fine since we were still going to get our food. But there was no food at the buffet table! The corned beef was gone, replaced by pork and beans. No rice at all. Not even the steamed rice. There was no daing na bangus, and instead was replaced by tawilis (or tamban in Bisaya). I spoke to the manager several times, hoping she was going to help me. But she ignored me. Several times! I was getting upset because of the lack of food and bad service. We couldn't find waiters to set our table, much less serve us water or bring ketchup. What irked me more when we found out that a foreigner who came in after us got serviced first before we did.

I was disapointed because my Mom was really looking forward to a great experience there and it was our treat for her. My sisters weren't able to sample the dishes I was raving about. The hubs was appeased since they still refilled the bacon.  My son was the easiest to please, he just wanted pancakes and mango juice :) For PhP600 per head, it was so wasn't worth it. Jollibee would have been so much better.


Mai.Mai said...

Oh no... their service really sucked. write them a letter and address it to the highest position. They'll give you free accommodation..heheheh.. bad.

Girlash said...

That's a great idea! haha